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Appointments and General Questions

Call 208-665-7546 extension 1 or E-mail Us by clicking HERE.

Nursing or Medical Questions

Call 208-665-7546 extension 2 or E-mail a nurse by clicking HERE.
* If it is a medical emergency, please call 9-1-1 immediately.  

Cosmetic Questions

For Cosmetic Appointments call 208-665-7546 extension 1.
For Cosmetic Questions call 208-292-5939 or E-mail an esthetician by clicking HERE.

Billing Questions

Call 208-665-7546 extension 4 to leave a message for a biller (your question will be researched by the billing team and called back to you within 24 hours) or E-mail a biller by clicking HERE.


Medical Records

Click HERE to fill out the Medical Records Request Form and either mail it to us or you can e-mail it to info@niderm.com. To call about medical records, call 208-665-7546 extension 1 or e-mail us by clicking HERE.